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Notice: We have not raised our prices in more than 10 years. Now, due to unprecedented challenges in the economy and financial service cost increases, we have no choice than to raise some prices. Thank you for your understanding.

Notice: Effective Dec 20, 2018 Vintage Electronics added a captcha to our Contact Us page. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the amount of spam sent through that page has been steadily growing, and we had to balance the customers convenience with our ability to answer inquiries. Thank you for your patience!

NEW! 3D Printing: Vintage Electronics now offers 3D design and printing services. Check us out on Vintage Electronics Thingiverse page and see the services section in the menu on the left for more details.

This is the only place where our customers worldwide - electronics repair shops, hobbyists, students and collectors - can still find obsolete electronics at affordable prices. We are a small family business catering to the other similar small to medium business and individuals, and we value the trust of our customers. We find beauty in the vintage electronic components and would like to save them from the press and smelter to serve someone who shares our affection to vintage electronics.

Over the past three decades Vintage Electronics diverted thousands of electronic devices from landfill and smelter to the factories, workshops, labs, and offices of our happy customers worldwide, reducing demand for and pollution from the heavy metals, VOC, plastics and hazardous chemicals which otherwise would be required to produce more new components. Let's keep our environment clean, one electronic device at a time!

We carry:

  • complete devices,
  • computer parts,
  • components such as semiconductors, capacitors, resistors etc.
  • vacuum tubes and magnetrons,
  • lamps (visible, UV, IR),
  • motors (AC, DC, stepper, servo),
  • optics (lenses, assemblies),
  • enclosures,
  • fasteners such as screws, grilles, risers etc. - remember to ask for fasteners for your order!
  • belts and tires,
  • springs and tensioners to name a few.

Everything on this site is in stock in our warehouse in Canada, and available to you everywhere in the world (some geographical exceptions may apply).

Please use 'Categories' box on the left to browse our store. We invite you to check 'Information' box on the left for the Shipping, Returns, Privacy and other important information. Those pages contain many answers to the questions you might have.

We are constantly in the process of updating the web catalogue from the warehouse inventory that arrives weekly. If you see items similar to what you are looking for, the chances are we may have it!

Please use 'Contact Us' form to drop us a note with your inquiry. Our staff will respond within 48 hours.

We recycle electric and electronic components!

If you have electronic components that you would like to sell, or require disassembly services, please use 'Contact Us' form to describe your offer. One of our representatives will contact you to arrange free inspection and estimate. Competitive rates for the components with high mercury, gold, platinum, iridium, palladium and silver content. You may qualify for free removal of mercury filled components.

Notice: No radioactive materials, no exceptions! We check all proposed materials to be recycled with radiation detectors. Our staff will not approach any radioactive materials under any circumstances.

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